Be Prepared: Bring a Roadside Emergency Kit



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Do you keep a roadside emergency kit in your car?

If you don't, now might be a good time to put one together. There are all sorts of unexpected things that can happen on the road, but if you're prepared to handle them, you can stay safer and get going again faster.

You can buy premade kits, but you can usually save money if you assemble your own. Here are a few suggestions for things to keep in your car at all times:

  • Emergency beacons or reflective road triangles (flameless flare alternatives to help warn oncoming traffic)
  • Jumper cables or portable jump starter
  • Headlamp or waterproof flashlight (bring extra batteries)
  • Foam tire sealant
  • Nonperishable snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Duct tape

Make sure your cell phone is with you and charged every time you drive.

If your car needs a checkup, bring it to our service center in El Campo, TX. We'll make sure it's good to go!

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