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Transmission service is a key part of keeping your vehicle on the road. The transmission controls gear changes and delivering power to the wheels. The transmission must run smoothly, and it is an essential part of your driving experience. You can reduce transmission problems by regular maintenance, checking and replacing fluids, and following the manufacturer's recommendations for service.

In the El Campo area, drivers understand that transmissions require regular care and to get expert assistance at the first signs of noises, poor performance, or shifting problems. Ignoring transmissions problems can make them worse and more difficult to repair. Vehicles are more complex than in earlier times, and computers help control overall engine operation.

At our service center here at VonDerAu Ford, we offer regular maintenance to keep your transmission in good working order. The modern vehicles have complicated transmission designs and use computerized engine controls. Our expert technicians have the latest equipment and knowledge. When problems occur, we offer expert attention and the best quality in parts, replacements, and servicing.

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