Avoiding a Tire Blowout Tire Inspection Tips

If you know what to look for with the tread of your car tires, you could reduce the risk of a potential blowout. Consider these tips for spotting tire issues.

The tire treads will give a clear indication when trouble is brewing. Look closely each day on each tire for signs of cracks or bulges. If there is something stuck in the tire or the tread is coming free from the tire, you'll want to have a tire technician take a closer look.

If the pressure in the car tires is off, this could cause a potential blowout. If your vehicle is not equipped with a pressure monitoring system, you'll need to get a tire gauge and check the pressure of each tire early each morning.

Schedule your tire rotation with VonDerAu Ford so we get to closely inspect those tires more often for trouble that could lead to a blowout.


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