The 2018 Ford Fiesta is Small and Affordable

You are on a mission to find a car that is going to fit well with the budget that you have set up for yourself. You are looking for a new car that is affordably priced, and the 2018 Ford Fiesta is a good choice for you.
  • The 2018 Ford Fiesta is small in size, smaller than the other passenger cars that Ford puts out.
  • The 2018 Ford Fiesta is priced low and is a good value for the cost.
  • The 2018 Ford Fiesta helps you drive in an easy way and makes it simple for you to park.
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How Important Is Maintenance Scheduling For The Life Of Your Vehicle?

Whether you own a new or used vehicle, there is no scarier feeling than when you feel the handling is off on your steering wheel or in the tires. Or how about when you begin to hear a weird noise that wasn't there the last drive? You go in your glove box and reach for the owner's manual to find out what that lit up icon on the dashboard means, but rarely consider the pages of your vehicle's maintenance schedule.

If You Stay Ready You Don't Have To Get Ready

In the daily grind of life…
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Should You Lease Your New Car?

A car loan is not the only way to get a car. Leasing, once reserved only for corporate organizations, is now widely available to average consumers. The number of people leasing cars has, in turn, risen dramatically in recent years. So what does it mean to lease a car?

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How to Remove Any Sticker From Your Windshield or Bumper

There are as many types of stickers out there as there are reasons for wanting to remove them from your car. Maybe it's the VonDerAu Ford dealership logo you'd like to get rid of, or an aggressively political bumper sticker, or your niece decorated every door with glittery My Little Pony stickers.

Here's how to say goodbye to all evidence of any kind of sticker.


  • WD-40 or hair dryer
  • Razor blade extension scraper
  • Goo Gone
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Microfiber towel

For a sticker on glass, like the windshield, use a razor blade with a scraper extension to…

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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

Even when we're at our most organized, life can throw curveballs at any given moment. That's why choosing the right vehicle is essential. VonDerAu Ford knows you want a vehicle that you can count on to accommodate you at all times, especially the days when you have your hands full.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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Police Departments Seeking New Vehicles Might Want a Look at the F-150

Ford makes more police vehicles than any other automaker in the United States. Law enforcement choose Ford because it builds some of the best police vehicles that money can buy. Case in point, the recently unveiled F-150 Police Responder. Based on the soon-to-release 2018 Ford F-150, the F-150 Police Responder will be a police-focused version of the new and hotly anticipated truck.

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El Campo Can See the Value of SUVs

A recent analysis of 2017's car sales revealed that SUVs are establishing themselves as one of the strongest pillars of the American automobile market. Not only are drivers buying SUVs, they're staying with them for the long haul. Two-thirds of SUV drivers who bought new cars earlier this year, purchased new SUVs.

If you're not already among the ranks of the SUV-faithful, you might have a tricky time understanding why so many people are as enamored as they are. A glance at the 2017 Ford Explorer might tell you why.

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